Journeys Piano Album 5

Journeys is a six-part series of graded solo piano repertoire written to help learners expand musically and technically into new areas.

Each album contains a wide variety of genres and moods; the series also features music from different cultures around the world. This diversity will encourage the learner to journey into unfamiliar territory, exploring new ideas and learning new musical techniques.

The 11 varied pieces in this volume include original concert pieces, a jazz improvisation, and two relaxing mood pieces.

This book is ideal for late intermediate players who are expanding their performance repertoire. This book helps players gain confidence in chromatic passages, use of the entire keyboard, and positional leaps.

Any of the pieces in this album would be appropriate for a solo recital. Cat and Mouse would make a good encore piece as it is quite showy without being very difficult or tiring to play.

Featured Composition: To Haydn

To Haydn could almost be a typical final movement from a Classical sonata, except that it is written in the unusual time signature of 2/4 + 5/8, which gives it an eccentric, spiky feel.

You can download and try out this piece by clicking on the link below.