Journeys Piano Album 4

Journeys is a six-part series of graded solo piano repertoire written to help learners expand musically and technically into new areas.

Each album contains a wide variety of genres and moods; the series also features music from different cultures around the world. This diversity will encourage the learner to journey into unfamiliar territory, exploring new ideas and learning new musical techniques.

The 13 varied pieces in this volume include world folk songs, original concert pieces, and a calypso.

This book is ideal for intermediate players who want more diversity in their repertoire. This book helps players gain confidence in tempo changes, unusual time signatures, and rapid syncopation.

As the technical difficulty increases, learners may find some pieces a lot more challenging than others, due to specific requirements of the pieces. The general level of this album is roughly similar to some of the easier pieces from Mendelssohn’s Songs Without Words.

Featured Composition: To Debussy

This tribute to Debussy is one of several tributes in the Journeys series. It contains some of Debussy’s characteristic techniques: non-functional harmony, and whole-tone scales.

You can download and try out this piece by clicking on the link below.