Journeys Piano Album 2

Journeys is a six-part series of graded solo piano repertoire written to help learners expand musically and technically into new areas.

Each album contains a wide variety of genres and moods; the series also features music from different cultures around the world. This diversity will encourage the learner to journey into unfamiliar territory, exploring new ideas and learning new musical techniques.

The 19 varied pieces in this volume include lullabies, folk songs, jazz arrangements, and original compositions.

This book is ideal for early intermediate players who are looking to move beyond beginner repertoire. This book helps players gain confidence in syncopation, expressive use of dynamics, and left hand melodies.

This album continues a journey through many genres and styles. It includes several jazzy pieces, as well arrangements of folk music from USA, Japan, Spain, and Benin. They mix classical, jazz, and world influences together.

Featured Composition: Tower of Rocks

Tower of Rocks is an original song written in a pop/jazz style. It features syncopation and extended harmonies throughout.

You can download and try out this piece by clicking on the link below.

Tower of Rocks

by W. Minter | Journeys 2